GHK’s investment strategy combines active ownership, extensive industry experience and a relationship driven partnership approach in seeking to generate asymmetric risk return investment opportunities

We Utilize a Consistent and Repeatable Framework…

  • We seek to acquire defensible businesses with multiple opportunities to invest in and fuel growth and drive operational improvements
  • We focus on opportunities where we believe GHK has the experience and expertise to execute on a clearly articulated set of value creation initiatives to reposition the business for the long-term

Targeting Specific Themes…

  • We identify attributes that help validate the long-term sustainability of businesses in a competitive market
  • We believe leadership and differentiation create a competitive moat and demonstrate an ability to sustain and grow market share
  • We seek downstream exposure to higher growth industries with lower cyclicality and mitigated downside from secular demand “pull-through”
  • We believe opportunities where GHK can be early institutional capital present the highest value creation potential via professionalization, sales strategy evolution, or cost improvement

And Employing A Partnership Approach…

  • We partner with and back experienced and talented management teams, and provide them with the resources, network, support, and capital to pursue long-term value creation
  • We remain intimately involved from preliminary assessment and acquisition through ultimate exit

To Drive Long-Term Value Creation

  • Our differentiated approach leverages our extensive experience in the large-cap private equity market to accelerate growth and profitability across our portfolio by employing value creation drivers that we believe are often unknown or underutilized in the middle market
$15 - 40+
Equity Investment Size
$100 - 250
Assets Under Management